i0ana (Adriana Pinklady)

Here i am,after 1 year and a half of blogging still loving it <3 but the last experiences i had with some creators got me into change my review copy policy and to hope ppl will read it be4 asking me as a blogger

*If you like my work and u want me as a blogger,please send me a nc first

**I constantly look to improove my pics quality and i also like to keep a certain quality of the items i blog If ure looking for a blogger that blogs a lot/everything but poor quality posts, then im not what ure looking for This blog was not made bcs i cant afford to buy what i want,its my hobby so,ill always blog only what i like and suit my style/mood

***I reserve the right to delete review copies if it doesnt suit my taste.

**** I usually reserve my self 1-2 weeks to post the items i get and i try my best to make it a great post sometimes takes only 1-2 days to post,sometimes more,especially if im involved in some big event,so please understand that.

***** If there is a specific way you want me to blog your review copy,please get in touch with me first via nc or im

****** Feel free to send me any questions u got,be4 you send me your items.

******* If at some point,i will consider your items doesnt meet my expectations and style anymore,i will inform you and leave your group,im not taking advantage of creators work,this is not why i made this blog! i just hope you will understand and respect my decision.

Thank you all for reading ^_^